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Internships for trainees

Why go abroad for an internship?

For decades schools and universities have promoted international internships, but they also hold immense potential for young people in vocational training. An internship in a similar type of  company in another European country can offer interns new insights into work processes and provide them with new perspectives, which at the same time improves the know-how and experience of their home company.


'I'll remember this for the rest of my life.' - Bernd, 17, cook, 3rd year of training


What is the duration of an internship?

Trainees in their 2nd year of training can spend between two and six weeks in a foreign partner company. By offering flexible lengths of duration, we wish to ensure that every trainee and every company can find a perfect match.


'I could barely recognise our trainee, he really matured. I can really recommend giving your trainees the opportunity of doing this.'


As a trainee, how does it help me?

Why should you always stay at home? Auxilium's mobility project ''4x4“ offers you the opportunity to meet new people and the chance of a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

In addition, an internship abroad can significantly enhance your CV, creating a positive impression, which could very well help you climb the career ladder faster. And the best thing is: Thanks to sponsorship it will cost you next to nothing!


'The stay really did it for me!' - Katja, 16, florist, 2nd year of training


How does the company benefit?

International internships offer an excellent opportunity for trainees to acquire new personal and professional skills – independence, social and language skills, or problem solving skills, to name but a few.

Furthermore, international internships are rapidly gaining in popularity, offering the chance to broaden one's personal horizons and to help you gain an insight of new perspectives and possibilities. Particularly in younger years, such experiences help trainees to forge their personality and develop much needed self-sufficiency.

With its mobility project ''4x4“, Auxilium can help you unearth the undiscovered potential within your trainees, which will benefit your company in the long term.


'As soon as I graduate, I'll be back there in no time.' - Florian, 18, office administrator, 2nd year of training


My son / daughter wants to go on an internship abroad – but is he / she ready for it?

Naturally, staying abroad on your own is a big challenge (for young people as well as for their parents), but we at Auxilium are here to support both the participants and their parents. We are available 24/7 to deal with any issues and will, with the help of our partners abroad, make your stay run smoothly.

An international internship can potentially be an immensely rewarding experience for your son / daughter – don't miss out!


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