Auxilium pro Regionibus Europae in Rebus Culturalibus was founded in Graz, Austria, in 2004 as a non-profit association for the promotion of education and culture in a Europe of the regions.

Central Purposes

  • Intensification and promotion of cultural and educational exchange between the South-Eastern Region of Europe (South-Eastern Austria, Slovenia, Western Hungary, North-Western Italy and Croatia) and other regions of the European Union
  • Development of educational standards at the national and European levels
  • Creation of sustainable thematic networks on a European scale


Fields of Activities & Services

Project management

  •  Tailor-made project design
  •  Applications to European and national programmes
  •  Management and monitoring of EU projects
  •  Accounting and administration
  •  Reporting
  •  Dissemination and sustainability

Evaluation & Controlling

  •  Tailor-made concepts for project evaluation
  •  Methods and instruments
  •  Project monitoring
  •  Financial control
  •  Data evaluation and reporting

Consulting & Training

  •  Overview of EU funding programmes
  •  Successful project application
  •  Successful project implementation
  •  Working with transnational co-operations and networks

Research & Development

  •  Problem and needs assessment in the areas of education, employment and regional development at the national and transnational levels
  •  Innovative and target group-orientated education, employment and regional development concepts


If you are interested in our association, its aims and activities, please do contact us.


Dr. Michael Schwaiger
Head of Board/ Project Management
+43 (0)316 328044

Carina Posch, MA (prev. Maas)
Project Management
+43 (0)316 328044

Maria Zlanabitnig, BEd MA
Project and Financial Management
+43 (0)316 328044

Dr. Georg Müllner, MA
Head of Board / Project Management
+43 (0)316 328044

Mag. Dominika Stiger, MA
Project Management
+43 (0)316 328044

Lioba Cartus, BA
Project Management
+43 (0)316 328044