September 2023 - April 2026


The main objective of the ELEVATE project is to develop innovative approaches and tools for SMEs to find a customised solution to the problem of skills shortage, which is and will become a major challenge for the European economy in global competition and European society as a whole in the near future. The project will provide small organisations with a set of tools to identify their individual potential and take action.

As part of the project, the partner organisations will first research potential factors in SMEs that would support tackling the problem at four different levels of action (full-time employment for women, employment for older workers close to or after retirement, harnessing the potential of diversity and migration, upskilling low-skilled and unskilled workers). Based on the investigative research, the project will develop a comprehensive online potential scanner and a strategy workshop concept for SMEs. In addition, the project will offer a comprehensive and customised strategy workshop for SMEs, enabling them to develop concrete action strategies based on the results of the potential scanner.



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