Green VET Choices: Digital Model

The third result of the Green VET Choices project is about to be finalised: the Digital Model, consisting of an informative magazine presenting a theory section about the Green VET Choices methodology and a practical part featuring stories from green VET role models. The magazine is supported by an online video anthology. Once complete, you … mehr lesen

Green VET Choices Career Guidance System

The Gree VET Choices project partnership is working on its Career Guidance System that goes along with the project’s Virtual Portal and Digital Model. This system will help users to find more in-depth and loclised information about the possibilities that they can find in the green VET field – education, possible careers and more. Stay … mehr lesen

Green VET Choices: innovative and interactive stories

The Green VET  Choices partnership is looking forward to presenting it innovative Virtual Story Portal next spring: 24 stories on environmental topic, creatively and individually developed by the partner organisations will let the reader dive into an interactive experience where they themselves get to choose how the story will end. The portal will enter a … mehr lesen

Green VET Choices: story translations

The Gree VET Choices Virtual Portal is moving one step closer to completion, as partners have been working on the story translations. All 24 stories will be available in all six partner languages: Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Slovenian, and English. Stay tuned for more – the Virtual Portal will be completed and launched in spring … mehr lesen