(11/2021 - 11/2023)

The INTERFACE project will create a compendium of interactive learning resources for the development of key transversal skills of support low-skilled workers and trainees to retain and sustain employment in the months and years ahead. It will deliver a range of progressive learning resources designed to achieve specific and agreed learning outcomes for 10 of the most sought after transversal skills by employers namely; digital literacy, entrepreneurial spirit, -critical and creative thinking, leadership, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, work ethic, communication and intergenerational relationships. Partners are aware of difference in levels of prior knowledge within each workforce, learning materials will be provided at introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert levels to support a clear learning progression and ensure that no potential learner is excluded.

Developing the competences of VET teachers and in-company trainers throughout the VET landscape in Germany, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia and Portugal to support the development of transversal skills amongst learners, low-skilled workers and WBL trainees is a primary aim of the INTERFACE Project. We will achieve this aim, through the following project objectives:

1.) Promote the acquisition of key transversal skills through the use of alternative pedagogical resources in work-based learning settings

2.) Support VET professionals from within education and work to develop their own digital and pedagogic skills to create challenge-based learning resources in an interdisciplinary way

3.) Develop an accreditation model for the validation and recognition of transversal skills through the use of micro-credentials and digital badges

4.) Create a system for the communication of transversal skills through a peer-led Community of Practice