(11/2020 - 10/2022)

"Supporting meaningful Occupations for Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum seekers using the Green Entrepreneurship Model" is an Erasmus+ funded project.
SOMRA offers an innovative approach to addressing two major challenges of the 21st century, namely climate change and the refugee crises, by engaging refugees, asylum seekers and people with a migrant background in meaningful employment that makes them environmental role models with a sustainable impact in their new and former homes. The main idea of the SOMRA approach is to enable these target groups to become real agents of change, influencing positive environmental habits that are established first at local and regional level and eventually even beyond the borders of the EU.

Therefore, the SOMRA project has the following objectives:

I) Facilitate environmental change at local and regional level through grassroots activities organised by green NGOs and SOMRA participants.
II) Promote shared values and civic engagement of migrant communities in their new environment.
III) Provide low-threshold learning opportunities related to environmental action that increase employability by strengthening key skills for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.