Green Collider Newsletter 2

The Green Collider project has published its second newsletter. View the image below and click it, to download the PDF. Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook!

Green Collider Webinars

The Green Collider project is launching a free webinar series that complement four interesting Masterclass modules. Register now for free and become a Green Collider pioneer! Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook!

VETreality Final Conference

On November 15th, the international VETreality conference took place in Campobasso (IT). Auxilium presented results of the research work on immersive learning in European education to more than 70 VET experts; the overall of focus of the event was on how immersive technologies can support the inclusion of special needs learners at work-based learning and … read more

Green Collider Newsletter 1

The Green Collider project has published its first newsletter. View the image below and click it, to download the PDF. Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook!

Website Relaunch!

Auxilium has a new design! Since September 2022, the Auxilium website has a new design. What is new? Each of our projects now has a page all to itself! The information about internships abroad for apprentices is easier to find – have a look! The latest news is displayed directly on the homepage  


Interface (11/2021 – 11/2023) The INTERFACE project will create a compendium of interactive learning resources for the development of key transversal skills of support low-skilled workers and trainees to retain and sustain employment in the months and years ahead. It will deliver a range of progressive learning resources designed to achieve specific and agreed learning … read more

Micro Quest

Micro Quest (01/2022 – 07/2024) MICRO QUEST: Innovative Quality Evaluation Strategy forMicro-credentials in non-formal VET in Europe In front of the overall project aim of the MICRO QUEST project which is the investigation and research as well as the development of an approach for identification and quality assurance of micro-credentials in VET in Europe, the … read more


WBL PRO 2.0 (11/2021- 11/2023) The project focuses on developing and building/upgrading a digital platform, on the promotion of innovative approaches to WBL, inclusion and consideration of the needs of all key players involved in the WBL process (VET students, schools and companies), use of digital technologies for pedagogical, administrative, technical and organisational change, accessibility … read more

Green Collider

Green Collider (02/2022 – 02/2024) Developing green competencies has become and will be in the foreseeable future the key to maintaining added value in sustainable economy EU thrives to create. It has become clear that VET and businesses alike must adapt to the uncertainties the future brings and simultaneously contribute to sustainable society. The importance … read more

Youth Courage

Youth Courage (05/2022 – 06/2024) YOUTH COURAGE – You are part of the solution! Empowering marginalised youth to reconnect with their social support system and facilitating personal growth to enable more active citizenship and solidarity. To fully answer to this aim and the needs described above, the YOUTH COURAGE project partnership works on three objectives: … read more