(11/2021- 11/2023)

The project focuses on developing and building/upgrading a digital platform, on the promotion of innovative approaches to WBL, inclusion and consideration of the needs of all key players involved in the WBL process (VET students, schools and companies), use of digital technologies for pedagogical, administrative, technical and organisational change, accessibility of information, enabling learning pportunities, skills development and recognition of learning outcomes.


To provide the key players involved in the WBL process innovative nline tools, resources and methodologies to establish it effectively in a transnational context of school-business cooperation as well as intergenerational peer learning between teachers/trainers and pupils.


  1. Supporting VET teachers and in-company trainers in managing the collaborative WBL process starting from their active participation in the development of proper digital online solutions.
  2. Develop and use high quality digital content to facilitate the WBL process for the benefit of all users involved (VET students and teachers, in-company trainers), in particular by bringing it closer to generations of digital natives.
  3. To propose forms of joint, innovative and collaborative intergenerational training.