Farewell EU365

The Erasmus+ Small-Scale project EU365 is now reaching the finish line after 20 months of successful implementation. We look back proudly on our achievements: 365 EU key messages published on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) on the topics: 🏛 EU values and participation in democratic life. 🌱 Green and environmentally friendly lifestyles 🌈 … read more

Green Collider Newsletter 3

The Green Collider project has published its third newsletter. View the image below and click it, to download the PDF. Visit https://www.green-collider.eu for more information and follow us on Facebook!

Launch of Scout4GreenApp Website

The Scout4GreenApp project proudly presents its new website! The project partnership has a lot planned – click on the image and find more information about the project, its goals and products as well as opportunities to get involved in the future. More information: www.scouts4greenapp.eu

Micro Quest Network

Micro-credentials are a new and innovative component of the European educational landscape. But what exactly is hidden behind the complex-sounding title? How can this new form of certification be used well and with quality in higher education, but also in vocational education and training? The Micro Quest project addresses precisely these questions and, in addition … read more

Green Meme Effect

Green Meme Effect January 2023 – January 2025 The GREEN MEME EFFECT project has three main objectives: [1] Foster and promote green thinking, lifestyle and attitudes in youth and marginalised youth. [2] Equip the actors in the physical and digital social space (youth workers, youth support, parents, peers, companies/NGOs/local authorities) to become green role models … read more

Be Well

Be Well September 2022 – August 2024 BeWell aims to to support young employees and vocational educators to address the rising mental health issues afflicting Europe’s young adults today.Promoting the health and well-being has been a primary concern of employers, but the demands on employers to safeguard the well-being of employees have been augmented since … read more


Scouts4GreenApp November 2022 – October 2025 Sustainable Development Goals – Impact for your company and VET Mobility Going abroad as part of the learning experience in VET is quite popular among all of Europe. While developing personally and occupationally, the VET learners also have to develop skills and competencies for the global development and a better … read more