WBL Accelerator

WBL ACCELERATOR (10/2018 – 09/2020) Work-based Learning (WBL) is a crucial component of VET education in Europe, but educational institutions and businesses use very different concepts and languages in their approaches. In order to foster cooperation between education and businesses, a bridge is necessary that builds effective links between VET schools and companies. A third … read more


ENTRADA (09/2019 – 08/2021) ENTRADA is a transnational project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and by Movetia. Our partnership strives to support the civic, social and economic integration of migrant communities using challenge-based learning. Five partner organisations from five EU countries (Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy and Spain) are involved. Additionally, one … read more


CreO (10/2018 – 09/2020) CreO stands for “The Cultural and Creative Occupations: New Opportunities in the Traditional Industries”. The aim of the project partnership is to foster innovation by increasingly motivating vocational students of cultural and creative industries (CCI) to seek connections and collaborations with traditional technical occupations. The potential of VET networks and their … read more


SIDE (03/2017 – 02/2019) The SIDE project (Supporting Innovative models for Deaf youth Empowerment) intends to develop a blended model for learning based on visual languages for the acquisition of basic, transversal and professional competences by deaf young people that can support the transition from education to work. In order to improve employment situation for … read more


Space4Cocreate (10/2016 – 09/2018) The objective of SPACE 4 COCREATE – Open and Innovative Spaces for Collaborative Working Between VET Providers and Business Organisations are to create and open model, methodology and tools based on the innovation models, addressed to the VET centre professionals (teachers, mentors, guiders…). The project will develop innovation projects with companies … read more


PINE-D (01/2015 – 06/2016)   Participation approaches for mentally disabled persons IN the democratic life othe European Union: Discussion, involvement, engagement (PINE-D) is aiming to involve people with mental and complex forms of disability, helping them express their views on Europe and specific topics. Through discussing and identifying ways for participation in debate and reflections … read more

ECVET goes Business

ECVET goes Business (10/2015 – 09/2017)   With the ECVET goes Business project it is aimed to develop an approach to make ECVET and other European transparency instruments relevant for regular human resource (HR) processes of companies. A focus is put on providing materials and information in a format and language companies can use and … read more


Skills#EU (01/2016 – 12/2017)   Skills#EU builds on the existing enthusiasm of trainees taking part in a placement abroad to equip them with the skills necessary to activate their European citizenship. The program Erasmus+ provides opportunities for young people to gain essential skills for their personal and professional development. Young Europeans shall become ‘infected’ by … read more


M_APP (01/2014 – 12/2015)   Travel broadens the mind! We are all familiar with this well known phrase – but how do we know that it’s really true? Within the M_APP project, an app for smartphones and tablet PCs for documenting the enhancement of knowledge, experiences and skills during transnational mobilities is developed. As well … read more


OpenPROF (09/2015 – 09/2016)   The Erasmus+ project addresses key innovations in training of teachers and trainers, as well as adult educators: open educational resource (OER) and open curriculum development and licensing, open collaboration, as well as designing curriculum for diverse target groups including the mode of work-based learning. The projects aim is to foster … read more